Press Kit: Qute "ESCHATOS"

This page is a material page for the press of "Eschatos" released by Qute Corporation.
We provide materials that can be used for news articles.

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Image Materials

Image materials such as logos and packages. Please use it for article titles and product introductions.

2021/11/2 [ November 2, 2021 ]
Nintendo Switch™ and PlayStation®4 version "ESCHATOS" press release materials

2021/11/11 [ November 11, 2021 ]
Nintendo Switch™ version "ESCHATOS" (Japan) Trailer Video

2022/1/6 [ January 6, 2022 ]
Nintendo Switch™ version "ESCHATOS" (NOA and NOE) press release materials

2022/3/31 [ March 31, 2022 ]
PlayStation®4 version "ESCHATOS"(Japan) press release materials

2022/4/1 [ April 1, 2022 ]
PlayStation®4 version "ESCHATOS"(SIEA and SIEE) press release materialsNew!

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